Third Party Debt Collection and Enforcement

We manage debt portfolios utilising agreed pre-litigation strategies and approved litigation and enforcement procedures. Accounts passes to us are scored when loaded to our database system utilising external and internal database information. The nature of our core services and the proprietary nature of the database information held internally enables us to add value to the data loaded from the outset. Each case is dynamically adjusted as it progresses through our business processes and additional added value data is obtained and verified.

Our pre-litigation strategies are designed to rehabilitate the debt, arrange settlement of the debt, provide assistance where we encounter hardship and inform the customer as appropriate of the legal alternatives open to our client if the arrears remain. Our pre-litigation strategies include:

  • Agreed letter campaigns with agreed texts, frequencies and timing of issue. The letters issued are allocated to our client control record when approved with the client. Our internal performance monitoring applications track the success of each individual letter issued in terms of communication response, settlement, instalments arranged and added value data obtained. This tracking allows us to vary letter content and timing to maximise the communication opportunity and outcome.
  • Inbound/Outbound call handling via our multi-site call centres. We currently maintain 2 contact centres capable of integrated or independent operation. The maintenance of multi sites is an integral part of our Business Continuity Management process and disaster recovery procedures, as part of our ISO 22301 accreditation. Both centres are integrated with our core applications thereby providing flexibility and management control over the utilisation and operation of this resource. We employ 5 system developers responsible for application development including all call centre applications. We utilise call blending, predictive/progressive dialling, intelligent call histories, call optimisation software, integrated IVR and WEB applications on the same platform.
  • Field agent visits to the premises utilising our employed investigators. Our investigators are based at our 10 local offices and have a generic local knowledge enhanced by the volume of in-area instructions our Firm receives from the private sector and local/central government.

Our Firm employs a blend of centralised and decentralised services to deliver excellent results for our clients. Centralised services deliver economies of scale, scaleability and service consistency. Our decentralised services are delivered from our local branch network and provide a localised, public facing service from within the community which includes:

  • full, secure counter payment facilities
  • secure, confidential interview facilities
  • locally based investigation officer resources
  • locally based Sheriff Officer resources

Our scorecard and selection processes , supported where necessary by a comprehensive field report, are utilised to identify potential litigation cases. The identified cases are reviewed by our legal/enforcement team in Edinburgh to ensure accuracy and completeness of data and compliance with agreed protocols. Once reviewed and authorised the data is passed to one of our panel solicitors. We manage the entire process and deal with all court diaries and the like. Once a Decree/Judgment is obtained it is recorded in our Court application and progressed in accordance with legislative requirements and client preferences. Should it be necessary to enforce the Decree/Judgment, the papers are passed to our nearest geographical branch office for processing and service by our Sheriff Officers/Messengers-at –arms.