Debt Collection – Local Authority Collection and Enforcement

Scott & Co is the largest provider of debt collection and enforcement services to Scottish Local Authorities. The services are delivered utilising a blend of high volume centralised debt recovery facilities and a decentralised office network which delivers the community based services important to local authorities. These services are supported and provided entirely in-house ensuring contractual responsibility. Customer communication is key to the recovery of local authority debts and our unique multi-channel customer communication platform maximises customer contact by allowing customer flexibility and channel choice.

Our extensive internal resources include:

  • Bulk printing and mailing facilities with in-built resilience facilities
  • Dual interchangeable state-of-the-art customer contact centre platforms
  • A dedicated team of application developers and network specialists to meet all client interface, security and reporting requirements
  • A dedicated performance management team responsible for continuous improvement, innovation and sharing experience
  • Dedicated compliance managers to ensure complete SLA and legislative compliance
  • Litigation specialists to manage the litigation process on behalf of clients and any special recovery activity such as sequestration and liquidation proceedings
  • Community based, secure customer payment , enquiry and advice offices
  • Community based debt recovery units, investigation officers and Sheriff Officers
  • A dedicated Field Force covering Scotland operating to the highest professional, ethical , audit and compliance standards

The range of services provided to our local authority clients is extensive and all encompassing, covering the following:

  • Council Tax Recovery and Enforcement
  • Non Domestic Rates Recovery and Enforcement
  • Recovery and Enforcement of Decriminalised Parking Fine debts and Bus Lane Contraventions
  • Sundry Debt Recovery, Litigation and Enforcement
  • Tracing and Special Recovery Activity
  • Debt Recycling and Surveillance
  • Secondary Debt Recovery activity for defined debt and debtor profiles within our portfolios, or where other contractors have failed to collect the debt