Customer Charter

We appreciate that being contacted by our firm can be concerning and our aim is to make the process as simple and as clear as possible. It is always our intention to engage positively and to demonstrate our commitment to achieving these goals. You should expect the following standards when communicating with us:

  1. The fair treatment of customers is at the heart of our business. We operate in a professional and compliant manner ensuring that all contact with customers is carried out in a fair and reasonable manner.

  1. We adhere to all relevant rules and regulations and also follow industry recognised practices and procedures. Any contact with you will be clear, relevant and transparent. It is our intention to assess your personal financial circumstances and agree a sustainable payment arrangement. If appropriate, we will signpost you to free debt advice services.

  1. During contact with us we will clearly explain who we represent, the reason for our contact and, where appropriate, the authority upon which we act.

  1. We will always listen to your circumstances and provide relevant and appropriate responses.

  1. Any payment arrangements that are agreed with us will be confirmed in writing. We will always keep you fully informed on the status of your account.

  1. If your circumstances change, you should have the confidence to share that information with us. Regular reviews are carried out on arrangements to ensure that they are still suitable. If you do have any concerns then you should be confident we will deal with it appropriately.