Local Authority Revenue Management

Scott & Co is the largest provider of debt collection and Sheriff Officers services to Scottish Local Authorities, servicing all Income Streams in step with each Local Authorities Corporate Debt Policy. We recognise that first and foremost our service is community based, acting as the Agent of the Local Authority in all aspects of our service delivery.

Our culture sponsors policies and strategies that are fair, ethical, proportionate, compliant and entirely consistent with Local Authorities expectations of their Sheriff Officer partner. We understand that customers must be treated fairly at all times and provided with appropriate assistance as dictated by circumstances and inline with our clients own Corporate Policies.

We have a significant history of innovation providing added value in addition to the core service delivery requirement. All services are delivered entirely in-house ensuring contractual responsibility.

Customer communication is key to the recovery of Local Authority debts and our unified customer communication platform maximises contact by allowing flexibility and user preferences to be maintained.

Service Highlights

  • Market Leading understanding of Local Authority requirements from densely populated urban centres to rural communities and Islands.
  • A dedicated Field Force covering Scotland operating to the highest professional, ethical, audit and compliance standards, in addition to Sheriff Officers a national team of Investigation Officers, offering a non-enforcement engagement
  • Dedicated Compliance personnel to ensure complete SLA, regulatory and legislative compliance as well as adherence to client’s specific corporate policies.
  • A dedicated performance management team responsible for Management Information, Continuous Improvement and Innovation exchange
  • Client Portal focused on delivering a real-time view of your Income Stream caseloads, as they progress through the various Debt Collection and Enforcement stages.
  • Local Service Hubs, allowing secure customer payment, private interview facilities and general advice
  • Litigation specialists to manage the litigation process on behalf of clients and any special recovery activity such as sequestration and liquidation proceedings
  • In house bulk printing and mailing facilities
  • Dual Data Centres including a resilient Contact Centre platform
  • A dedicated team of application developers and network specialists to meet all client interface, security and reporting requirements