We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help employers understand what they need to do when they receive an Earnings Arrestment Schedule

Question Are salary deductions taken from gross or net pay?

All deductions should be calculated and taken from your employee’s net pay

Question How do we calculate amount to deduct?

Please refer to Table of Deductions enclosed with the Earnings Arrestment Schedule. Amounts are calculated based onhow often your employee is paid, and different thresholds using net salary

Question How should salary deductions be sent?

The quickest and easiest way is by bank transfer. Our bank details have been provided on the front of the Earnings Arrestment Schedule sent

  • – Deductions for one employee. Please ensure their reference number is quoted each time a payment is made
  • – Deductions for more than one employee. Please email your remittance notification to finance@scottandco.uk.com providing a detailed breakdown, including individual reference numbers,employee names and individual amounts

Question What should we do if our employee earns less than protected minimum balance (PMB) and/or is on maternity leave?

If your employee earns below the PMB, please return the Earnings Arrestment Schedule to us, and let us know the reason. Deductions should continue if your employee is on maternity leave, based on earnings and calculated on net pay

Question Can we make deductions from bonuses or redundancy pay?

Bonuses are permitted to have salary deductions from your employee’s net pay. Redundancy payments, on the other hand, are not permitted

Question We calculate your Earnings Arrestment has been fully paid

Typically, we would notify you if this is the case, however, if you wish to discuss further please email customer.service@scottandco.uk.com providing your employee’s reference number, name and address

Question We’ve received an Earnings Arrestment from another creditor or business

Please send the other creditor or business the following information regarding the Earnings Arrestment Schedule you have in placewith us

  • – name and address of creditor
  • – dateof issue
  • – current outstanding balance onEarnings Arrestment Schedule

Question We’ve received another Earnings Arrestment Schedule from you for the same employee

If this happens, and if it is the same creditor, a letter will also have been enclosed with the new Earnings Arrestment Schedule and you should replace the original instruction

Question The balance on the statement doesn’t match the Earnings Arrestment Schedule

This can occur for several reasons. For ease, please contact us on email customer.service@scottandco.uk.com providing the employee’s reference number, name and address

Question What should we do if the employee leaves our employment?

Please notify us by emailing customer.service@scottandco.uk.com providing your employee’s reference number, name and address. Plus,their new employment details, if known to you

Question Any further questions?