Question I have been granted a Court Order, what do I do next?

Answer – Please see our Enforcement Factsheet

Question Why do I have to pay for your services, when I have already been to court?

Answer – The fees of Messengers-At-Arms and Sheriff Officers are laid down by legislation, Act of Sederunt (Fees of Messengers-at-Arms) (No. 2) 2002, as amended and Act of Sederunt (Fees of Sheriff Officers) (No. 2) 2002, as amended Act of Sederunt

Question Once you have served my papers, what do I do next?

Answer – Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers are Officers of Court and are not qualified to provide legal advice.

Question Once you have arrested a person’s bank account or salary, do you check to make sure it is acted upon?

Answer – No. Once our instructions have been carried out, the responsibility lies with you as the creditor to contact the Bank or Employer to follow up on the action if they do not contact you.

Question Why can’t you remove goods to the value of the amount due to me?

Answer – We can only attach and remove goods which (i) belong to the debtor, (ii) are free from finance, (iii) have a re-sale value and are not prohibited from re-sale and (iv) which are not protected by any other legislation. This cannot be carried out in domestic premises without further order of court.

Question How long do I have to enforce my court order?

Answer – At present, your order is valid for 20 years.